Hi My name is Ian Turton - Founder of Christian Websites

  • We have been designing websites for churches & businesses since 1999
  • We provide quality Christian Websites & outstanding service.
  • We provide the latest cutting edge web technology for Churches, Ministries & Christian Businesses.
  • Christian Websites look great, are easy to navigate and are set up so that they are easily updated without being a "techie." You can add to & edit your own website easily through your browser saving you time & money.
  • FREE Domain name transfer.
  • FREE website transfer
    Transferring your site to Christian web sites is very easy! You don't have to lose precious time and energy moving your files and dumping your databases. We do all the work for you for free!  


Most church websites are static, hard to update, dull and don't capitalize on the potential of being a major ministry or business tool.

The Potential
"If the church does not begin to encompass the online world in its ministry, it risks losing even more of its eroding influence in society." —George Barna

It's a fact, people are spending more time on the Internet than ever before. By having a useful Internet presence, you can enhance your ministry by providing many ways to support the church body and the community.

It also will dramatically extend the scope of your ministry by building relationships with people outside of your immediate locale.

Your website, if properly designed, can effectively communicate the Gospel to an ever growing Kingdom!

Many peoples first impression of a church is no longer the building or grounds, but the church's website. It also offers improved communication with your staff and church body. No longer do they have to rely on an 8:00 - 5:00 work day.

Call us today and discuss how we can improve your presence on the web. We would love to work with you!



Ian, the service you are providing at Christian Websites is absolutely wonderful.  It honors the Name of Jesus Christ…Which is exactly what I was looking for when, after learning some hard lessons, I typed ‘Christian Web Services’ into Google and found you my brother.

I have no complaints, and will recommend you to my friends.

I look forward to finding my way through this unknown and intimidating realm of Website Development with you by my side…And for me to say that, a certain kind of miracle has been performed.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and may our Lord Jesus richly bless you.  I can see that you will have a share in the blessings that I also receive from our Lord.

Your brother at Kingdom Gates
Colin Baker.