WMS Package

Website Management System
This web site is a WMS

 A website is a powerful communication and business tool and we think the best person to manage a website is its owner. That's why we build sites that put you, our client, in control using cutting edge website management software.


WMS makes managing a website a snap.

If you want to take control of your website and join the thousands of ministries and businesses who use the web effectively then why wait.

We design your website with the Website Management System then hand you the keys so that you can maintain your own website very simply through your web browser. You can add & edit your own text, pictures, files & unlimited pages. (or we can maintain it for you at a small cost)


What do you get.

  • WMS site personally set up to your requirements.
    Includes professionally designed theme customized with menu structure, static header image.

  • You can add or edit your own UNLIMITED number of pages & content.
    (We publish the first pages for you including contact page with initial setup.)

  • 40 email address's

  • Protection plan:- personalized nightly backup of your database. Website monitoring:- This gives you peace of mind that your website is safe.

You can also include dozens of components like document repository, weather, 'flash' (moving images), interactive maps, even photo albums, video & MP3 players. In fact we can do anything you require to make your website as interactive as you like.


As everyone has specific requirements we tailor the construction & ongoing service of your website to suit your individual needs -

We offer a no obligation, free quote.

We have numerous WMS packages available please compare Here.