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Christian Website Design

This page is actually About Me – But it will be About You once you sign up with us !

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14 Quarrian Crescent, Beenleigh, Qld 4207
BUT we do Christian Website Design Worldwide.
Phone: 0468 420 470 in Australia, +61 468 420 470 from Overseas

The In-Depth About Us – Who We Are!

We have been building Websites for over 20 years, starting with websites for our own needs.

Here is the website I use for selling Business Websites. You really need to see it live by visiting it at –

WHY?  Because you can then see the mist flowing through the valley, with a 30-second Overview of the important facts regarding what I provide to my clients. If the client is satisfied, they take time to read the site fully – But I have not wasted their time by making them read everything.

The video on the Front Page approach works.  You can also have Sliders on the front page if you prefer.

Christian Website Design

As important as “the look” is, it is NOT the most important thing.  So what is?


Christian Website Design

If you do NOT get found in Google, it does not matter how good your website is – because no-one will ever see it!

If you are getting a website be VERY careful that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) IS included in the price!

Here is a look at our VIDEO website. Most people want a Conventional Website BUT you can have a Video Website if you prefer.  Check it out at:  https://videomarketingservices.com.au

In reality, Christian Website Design probably benefits most from a conventional website BUT with plenty of Videos on it.  Here is why.  Combine Christian Website Design with Youtube Videos and 2 things happen.

1 – You get found on Google AND Youtube

2 – Your Rankings in both improve!

Christian Website Design

Here a Sample created for my Lotto books website.  You can see the website live at https://winninglottobooks.com

This website has a clean, simple look that is very easy to read and to navigate.

Sample Website - Winning Lotto Books

You can see and explore the website at https://winninglottobooks.com

If you looking for a clean simple look, this is a good start.

Ring Terry now on 0468 420 470 for a FREE discussion.  Do NOT rush headlong into building a website. The PLANNING stage is VERY important – Take the time to get it right first time!